Before you leave home

Download your map, plan your route, take a 3D virtual fly-through, transfer it to your Pocket PC, SmartPhone or GPS and set off. Do all this in a fraction of the time it takes to order a CD in the post or drive to any retail outlet. Getting the map you want and enjoying your life outdoors has never been easier.




Choose what you want

Download your FREE UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to Getmapping 10m aerial photography and Philips 1:1,000,000 scale mapping on your PC. Your FREE maps come with all the functionality of Anquet and cover the WHOLE OF GREAT BRITAIN. To fly across your map to a destination in seconds, simply use the FIND icon in Anquet.






Choose from a huge range of mapping to suit your activity. As a rule of thumb: the faster your action, the bigger the scale you’ll need. So if you are walking, or trekking off-road 1:25,000 scale is ideal, for road cycling 1:50,000 scale is best, and for driving 1:100,000 scale is perfect. To compare map types, click here.

Don’t forget you can still get Anquet on CD and DVD. You can order them online, click here  to explore the full product range. Prefer to pick up the phone? Call our sales team now on
(+44) 0845 330 9570 (Sales lines are open 9.30am-5.00pm Monday-Friday).







Plan your trip

Anquet is packed with features to help you plan your trip. You can plot a route on your map and find out how long it’ll take you. You’ll get a mathematically realistic journey time too, because embedded in every Anquet map is a mathematical formula (Naismith’s rule) so it’ll even take into account whether you’ll be going uphill or on the flat.

Compare your times to the average walker, runner or biker, or to how you performed last time. See clearly the lanes, footpaths and rights of way on the Ordnance Survey maps. Colour code your routes, add photographs, memos and multi-media and store them all together on your map.
















Take a virtual visit

Explore your map and plan exactly the trip that you’d like to make. Use the Anquet Virtual Landscape™ to fly over your route in 3D. You can even fly-over in 3D and 2D in tandem! Your computer screen can be split into two parts, allowing you to view any pair of maps at the same time. You can choose to synchronise both maps if you want. So you can fly through the Anquet Virtual Landscape™ and keep an eye on the 2D map at exactly the same time. Anquet is the ultimate experience in mapping.