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Anquet’s Download Service is a fast and flexible way to get Anquet maps. Once you have Anquet on your PC you are also able to download free bonus maps. You can:


PC Compatibilty


Existing Anquet v06 Customers

Get the latest software release free
If you already use Anquet v06 make sure you have the latest software update by following these 3 easy steps:


STEP 1: Remove Anquet Maps v06

Remove Anquet Maps v06
Remove the Anquet Maps v06 program using the “Add or Remove Programs” (“Programs and Features” in Vista) tool in the windows control panel. If Anquet is listed more than once remove all the instances. Don't worry this will not affect your saved Anquet maps or routes.


STEP 2: Download the Latest Software Update FREE 

  Download Anquet

Choose the button below to download Anquet onto your PC.

STEP 3: Install the Latest Version

  Install Anquet

When asked to save or run the download, select run, and Anquet Maps will be installed to your PC


NOTE: Following these steps will NOT affect your saved information in any way. Your existing maps and routes will remain completely safe.

Online Guide

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for a quick and easy guide to Anquet’s Download Service and to find out how to get FREE bonus maps.