Business Pricing

The Anquet MapServer calculates a price for your exact mapping requirements based on:

  1. The size of the area(s) you have chosen.
  2. The type of mapping you have chosen.

Using the Anquet MapServer you can define exactly the area that you require down to the sq km using simple tools, and pay just for the data that you require. Some sample prices are in the following table:

    OS OS OS Aerial Aerial Aerial
sq km
Similar area to 1:25,000 scale 1:50,000 scale Street
3.3m resolution
600 An OS Explorer Paper Map £160.56 £22.51 £192.68 £69.11 £43.00 £21.50
1600 An OS Landranger Paper Map £356.81 £50.02 £428.17 £153.58 £95.56  £47.78
2500 Lake District National Park £446.01 £62.53 £535.21 £191.97 £119.45 £59.72
5000 Northumberland £669.02 £93.79 £802.82 £287.96 £179.17 £89.59
7500 Cumbria £802.82 £112.55 £963.38 £345.55 £215.01 £107.50
10000 Devon & Cornwall £892.02 £125.06 £1,070.43 £383.94 £238.90 £119.45


The more mapping you buy in one transaction of any one map type, the cheaper additional sq km’s of that map type will be. This is calculated at the time of purchase, and the areas can be completely distinct. E.g. if you bought the Lake District National Park and the Peak District National Park at the same time, the MapServer will simply add up the areas and price it as one single transaction.

All mapping purchased for business use is licensed for 1 year for 1 seat for internal business use. If you wish to receive a quote for multiple seats, then please contact us on 0870 990 9395 or