Anquet provides a wide range of intelligent mapping so that people can optimise their outdoors interests. The company targets the consumer who is looking for more freedom of control over their exploration, navigation and performance when pursuing their interests. In addition, the company services organisations responsible for education, trade professions and business services.

Anquet is committed to providing people with the mapping they need unrestricted by traditional map boundaries and regions. The company brings digital mapping across platforms and has frequently been the first to launch new innovations in digital mapping e.g. functionality of Ordnance Survey mapping on Smartphones.

Privately owned and established in 2000, Anquet Technology Ltd is located in central London. Anquet on CD-ROM and DVD is available from high-quality map stores such as Stanfords and other retail outlets. The majority of consumers purchase Anquet directly from Anquet Online.

Anquet services businesses requiring custom development of digital mapping solutions. Also, educational organisations enjoy a number of benefits including an Educational License allowing for instalment of Anquet on a network of up to 35 computers. Please contact Anquet with special requirements.

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Anquet Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25,000 scale and Landranger 1:50,000 scale mapping contains licensed data from Ordnance Survey® with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office © Crown copyright 2006. All rights reserved. Licence number PU100035020.


Anquet 2m, 3.3m and 10m resolution aerial photography mapping contains licensed data from Getmapping Plc.


Anquet Philip's Navigator 1:100,000 scale and Superplanner 1:1,000,000 scale mapping contains licensed data from Philip's.


Anquet height data contains licensed data from Intermap Technologies Inc.


Anquet Harvey Superscale 1:25,000 scale mapping contains data licensed from Harvey Map Services Ltd. © HARVEY 2006.