Anquet on your Pocket PC, Smartphone and GPS!


Transfer your maps and routes onto your Pocket PC or SmartPhone and take them with
you. Anywhere. Experience your Ordnance Survey maps in REMARKABLE DETAIL, viewing
footpaths, trails and contour lines with clarity and purity. Navigate whilst you’re out and record
where you’ve been. Anquet is packed with navigation and trek management tools to help
you get the most out of your trip.

Anquet Virtual GPSTM

Experience an ADVANCED NAVIGATION SYSTEM. All Anquet maps are embedded with the
Anquet Virtual GPS™. So you’ll not only see where you are on your map, you’ll get live on-screen
navigation. You’ll know exactly how far along your route you are and have an arrow to guide you
to your next waypoint.

LiveTrack positioning system

Let your handset KEEP TRACK. See where you are on your map and record where you’ve been.
You can count on remembering every good trek you’ve ever been on.

Anquet is compatible with a wide range of GPS units, Pocket PC’s and Smartphones. To check out
compatibility with your current mobile device, click on GPS or POCKET PC.