Maps Online

Anquet’s Download Service is a fast and flexible way to get Anquet maps. Once you have Anquet on your PC you are also able to download free bonus maps.


Getting Maps Online

 STEP 1 Download the Anquet v06 Software FREE


PC Compatibility


STEP 2: Access the Download Service


Click the DOWNLOAD button.
You’ll see the Anquet Map Manager appear on your screen.  The Anquet Map Manager is your gateway to downloading new maps, viewing your existing map collection, managing your account and much more.


STEP 3: Log in 


MY ACCOUNT is located inside the Anquet Map Manager. Check that you’re logged in so you can access the Download Service. Your Anquet login is the email address you use to access Anquet.


STEP 4: Download Your FREE Bonus Maps 


MY MAPS is also conveniently located inside the Anquet Map Manager. Here you’ll find your private collection of Anquet Maps. As you look down your collection you’ll see all the Anquet v06 maps you’ve ever purchased. You’ll also see free bonus maps waiting there for you to download.

FREE bonus maps:

  • Philips Superplanner
  • PHOTO MAP 10m resolution
  • Height Data
  • Demo Maps


STEP 5: Browse Online Mapping 


Browse the MAP STORE, which is also located inside the Anquet Map Manager. This is a convenient way of browsing the hundreds of maps that are ready for you to download.

If you prefer to “cut your own map”, use the Philips Superplanner to indicate the areas you want. Drag out your chosen map areas with your mouse - adding as many areas as you like.

Once you’ve defined your map boundaries, choose the MAP TYPE you want. When you’re satisfied this is the map you want, choose “GET EXACT COST”. If the price is good: choose ADD TO BASKET. You can view your BASKET at any time and ADD and REMOVE any items in there until you proceed to the checkout.